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Possible Ignition swith failure

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My  1991  loyale   will discharge the battery  if not run in   3 or 4 days ,   Alternator is  good ,  Battery is new , and I load tested it ,  Did a specific  gravity test,  all cells  good .   I remember hearing   about  the  ignition switch  going bad  and  doing all sorts  of  weird  things.      Any  help  would be appreciated .   

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If battery is good then it's really simple - you have an excessive draw.


Just google how to test for draw.


You'll find something is causing the draw to exceed 100mA.  

Measure the draw and disconnect the alternator and start pulling fuses until the draw dips below 100mA. 

Once you find the thing that's causing the draw- then you can narrow down  what on that circuit is causing it. 


It's often something installed, fabricated, custom, non-working, or part with glitches. 


It's helpful to disconnect the trunk light and interior lights and XT automatic seat belts as they create a spike in draw every time you open the door/trunk which is common when diagnosing and troubleshooting. 

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Sanity check:  Turn off everything and then remove the negative battery terminal, then slowly re-add the cable and look for a spark. That spark is evidence that something is turned on.  

You can repeat that test with a single fuse removed, one at a time, until it doesn't spark any longer. That will give your the circuit you need to focus on.


My brother had so many problems with his custom travel van he just installed a main breaker at the battery: It makes it  less apt to be stolen too.


yep:  what idosubaru  said...

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