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Sneak Peak - 78 Brat project

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Well, I promised my wife I wouldn't go all OCD with these old subies, but I just couldn't resist. I'm *just* about finished with all the major work on the DL sedan I picked up 2 months ago so I figured she might just forgive me (you know what they say about permission and forgiveness).


This is going to be a major restoration/rebuild. I intend to touch every nut and bolt on the car, take her down to a bare metal shell and build it all up again. Might be a while before the actual work starts since I have a few other projects that I've committed to that must be taken care of first (62 Continental, 63 C-10 and an Indianapolis 500 pace car vette). So while it may be a bit, I wanted to share a pic of this little gem and start the documentation process here. I'm sure I'll be scouring this forum (along with any other resources I can find) to source parts in the near future.




Mechanically a mess, but very good bones and almost no rust. I suppose the purple would be ok, living in Louisiana and all, but she will end up with with a dark green and white paint scheme with brown/tan leather interior.....EVENTUALLY

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Sheet metal looks great from the picture! I wish my panels were that great....they are hard to come by! (especially non-wrecked driver-side front fender)

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