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Crosstrek and Bluetooth calling

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Hi all, first post here. Wife and I recently bought a 17 crosstrek premium and mostly love it. Been averaging about 30 mpgs and very happy with the interior and engine. The only issue we’ve both been experiencing is that when a phone is connected to Bluetooth and usb it won’t accept a second call if you’re already talking to someone. We both have iPhones and when on a call and a 2nd person calls it automatically rejects the cal instead of sending it to voicemail. My other vehicle is a Tacoma with a Kenwood aftermarket stereo and in the same situation the second call goes to voicemail. Is there some hidden stereo setting or is this just an up fixable issue with the Subaru stock stereo? It’s the smaller 6 inch screen base model, not the upscale model the limited has. Thanks ahead of time.

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