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Pug wheels price

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A guy is trying to sell me some pug wheels. He has a set of alloy wheels and steel wheels. Any idea what a good price is? Also I'm waiting to hear back if he has all the lug nuts....

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A good price is what the buyer and the seller agree is a good price.  

There is always a conflict of interest: buyers want the lowest cost and highest value, and sellers want the highest cost least inconvenience.  


Pugs rims are rare. You know what they are, and so does he.


If you were going to buy brand new rims of the shelf, what would that cost you?

Don't let the fear of loss pressure you to purchase for too high a price.  The rims aren't going anywhere.


You'll inevitably have to answer the question.. "YOU DID WHAT?..."   to your significant other.


They are wheels not food.

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