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2004 Impreza Driver's side front door handle

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Hi All,


The bolt at the rear of the door handle fell off, allowing my lock to fall into the door. Pulled the card. and decided to take the front bolt of the handle out to see what I was dealing with. Long story short, the rod to the door latch came off at the door latch, and I'm not sure where it attached! Any pointers to a diagram or youtube vid?


Also, should the lock cylinder hold-down be inside the door panel, or on the handle side?




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Download the factory service manual for your year (free) and then use the" Security and Locks" section to find your answer as to how to reattach the lock cylinder. Use the "Body Structure" section to find the "Interior Trim" subsection for how to take the door apart to get at the lock assembly.




Good Luck!

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