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Freshly rebuilt EA82...not so fresh! driving me nuts

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** There is a kinda of rattling arround the 3.000 rpm mark, under load, like a tinggling, or bell-like sound.(maybe valve rattling)


This is "pinging" under load.  textbook.  Accompanied by overheating.  This means your timing is too far advanced.


Not a water pump issue.  


This is the problem right here in the first post of the thread 

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Ok, havent looked at the last post from Gloyale, gonna try to retard the timming tomorrow first time in the morning


For now we have another "houston" problem.

The fu#%kr now started to drip Oil from passenger side valve cover bottom screw ( picture attached) .

Tried tighten it by hand and it just kept turning, took it out and it came out with the aluminum thread on the bolt....almost shat myself right there at the autoplanet parking lot. There is 2 stripped thread on the passenger side, one tottally loose and dripping Oil Like nuts, the other one still getting some torq, barely.

Any band aid fix you guys have? Cold weld? High temp silicone? Longer/wider bolt?

Tried with a slimer washer, no luck!

Im about to loose it with this specimen but it's hard also not to love it...I mean, it's dripping Oil and pressure on it's ribs and the thing still gets me to the market and back every single time!

I guess im Am looking at yet another motor pull to get that side cam restripped or changed....also rear dif gasket decides to went puff on me splashing Oil all over the rear ..awesome! ????

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Or use a timing light.


It's this nifty tool they make for actually doing this job correctly!!

Correct  - this another way  ie a driving test to check if the timing is correct  - AFTER  using a timing light to set timing.


Previous post


Driving test for assessing  correct ignition timing.


Full throttle from 2000rpm  in 3rd gear - sluggish acceleration and  possible  backfiring  if bad  - ignition timing                                                                                                                                                                      retarded


                                                               - slight detonation (pinging)  on initial full acceleration - timing correct.


                                            - heavy detonation  (pinging / knocking) -  timing too advanced or  low octane fuel.

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