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coolant fans don't go on in hot city conditions 97' 2.2 legacy l wagon

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i did the the check  via the green plug under the dash that checks on the computer activation of devices and the relays and the fans all worked fine. So it seems that it should work but it does not.


Is there a way to check the coolant temperature sending unit ...for instance by shorting or opening the the circuit via the plug that connects to it


what am I missing


I dn't want to buy and go thtough the install hassle for a plug tht has no problems


any help





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See attachments.


Go to 2nd page of New Gen FAQ under my name, link for FSM.


Coolant temp sensors are not that expensive and in this case I would even grab one from a pick and pull

A scanner with live mode would read temps




.Diagnostics Radiator Main Fan.pdf

Diagnostics Radiator Sub Fan (With AC model only).pdf

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