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EJ206 long block into 2004 WRX?

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Finally got an engine for this pile so I can get it out of here. Problem is the Importer sent an EJ206 long block instead. I called the importer and their response was, it's compatible. Change this and that and it works. In the end I got them to send a partial refund because of the mis listing and it was pretty obvious they were not willing to make it right. I knew the cam and crank sprockets would likely need swapped and planned on that, but water neck and a couple other things he noted were different too. The crossover tube is very different which is why I checked the codes in the first place. It also does not have an oil cooler?


Are the cam profiles close at least? I know it's a 9:1 compression and was rated at 255 HP. How much tuning is this going to require to keep it from blowing up or spinning a rod bearing?


I know they are obviously doing this so they don't break down more valuable EJ205's since TT setups won't fit LHD cars

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