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I have a 94 legacy sedan the windsheild and back glass are broken. I don't want to give up on the car. I need to know what make or model cars have windsheilds or back glass that I can put on my car so that I don't end up getting the wrong ones from a junkyard or the Internet.

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There are "Blue/green"   and a  "Tan/bronze" tinted versions for these windows.  If it matters to you to match, i'd check and see which you have.  What color is the cars body and what model is it?  I know White base/L models got blue interior and Blue/green windsheild, and White Lsi got tan interior and tan tint windshield.


If you don't care about matching I highly recommend the "tan/bronze" tint.  The blue/green makes me a bit ill.

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