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My 2002 B4 just stopped dead any ideas

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Hi Gang.

My liberty 2002 B4 twin turbo 2.0.

died driving the other night. All sensors are correct  ,no codes, cam sensor good cam position sensor good ,Map sensor good ..got spark got fuel, fuel controller working ,pump working. starter turning car over, motor tries to fire then gives up. car showed loss of boost 3 pounds that morning but was driving fine, small miss in the running of the car occasionally.

the immobilizer isnt a issue and the brant system was removed awhile ago.

no smoke no oil in water or water in oil.

traced the wiring back to the ECU  no issues. cat converter ok .

Im stumped .........anyone had this happen or has any ideas...

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Can you smell fuel at the tail pipe after cranking? Pump might be running but if injectors aren't pulsing you get no fuel. Can check injector pulse with an LED test light.


Pull timing covers and check timing marks. You can have signals from the cam/crank sensors but if they're not in time you'll have incorrect spark and fuel timing.

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Thsnks guys.

The pump and controler are new . I have fuel and pressure to injectors and they working.

Im thinking the compression rings have died in one of the cylinders as i had the boost loss (18 psi down to 15 psi . All thw turbos and the wastegates are fine.

The timing has been checked and is correct.

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