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Another HG thread with part #'s

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Finally 6 months after buying my suby, I am almost ready to assemble. For the head gaskets, does the blue on the felpro head gaskets go up or down? Might seem dumb to ask, but those were a pretty penny. Next, I want to give the sources I used for my parts. Rock auto.com- felpro head gaskets-can't remember number, somebody help me out here.

1stsubaruparts.com-- short head bolt #800211060, long headbolt-#800211050, headbolt washers-#803011070

Ill add more later. Just know head bolts cannot be ordered at autozone and want to help others out

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I don't know about a blue dot. 

EA82 head gaskets only fit one way.  Look at the 2 alignment pins, and the bolt holes and the oil return passages.  Wrong way. and more than one of these won't line up.

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