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Greetings from Utah

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Hi there! My name is Brian, for years I've wanted to own an older Subaru wagon and do all the maintenance myself, try to keep the car alive for as long as I can by my own hand if possible.


Fate finally threw me a bone and I found a 1987 4WD Subaru GL Wagon on the local classifieds site here, in pretty good condition and so I've decided it's time to go for it. I know the car needs some work and so I've been lurking the old gen threads looking at some really helpful posts and decided I want to be more than just a lurker.


I'll probably be posting now and again as I do work, trying to share pictures, but honestly I've got a lot to learn. and so far this seems like a great place for that. Hope my questions can lead to some useful and helpful threads.




Brian Tayor



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