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vacuum hoses and high idle

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Okay. Last input for now. My old manual is a Haynes. Will try to attach some pictures. Not real easy to see and I should have marked points of question with colored tape. This is the 85 manual 1.8 with high but smooth idle when in neutral. After initial input, I was replacing the hose with the constrictor in place when I noticed a second disconnected hose, this one not broken but unattached. Cannot find an unused attachment area currently not caped. Idle still is high. After third carb was installed, it ran great for awhile. Then at some time the idle bumped up. Somewhere about same time, I moved and while in transit car stalled out and was towed. No answers so towed back to old mechanic who discovered the first universal Cat Converter installed a couple of years earlier, and which he had previouslysaid was not a correct model, was plugged. He removed the plug material but could do no more for health reasons. I was taking car for new converter months ago but front end (all original) could not handle the long drive to city so I had local mechanic here re build the front end. Then went in to city and got a proper fit converter. But idle still high. Smog individual I use here, said check vacuum hoses before bringing as high idle will fail. This is the third carb as the second one, much like the second Cat, was never a good fit. Don't know if I need to worry about finding all attachment areas or if some might not be in use ,and I should move on. But would like to have at least the one correct. Under hood diagram shows about half the number of hoses I see.  Unattached hose from driver side view is lower left with clamp wire. Other was from bottom of SDLS30-20 'thing'.  Photo from passenger side will try in another post.

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