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93 Subaru Impreza L intermittent won't start.

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checked fuel pump (and filter) good. auto tranny shifter is kinda sticky, wont start? Engine does turn over just wont start.

manual codes

32 o2 sensor

12 starter switch the engine does sound like its trying to fire up. is there a way to jump switch with momentary pushbutton and toggle ( this is an old beater type putt)? my job has a lot of start and stops.

24 Idle Air control sensor all I can find is the valve assembly. Has anybody replaced the sensor?


I've ordered the O2 sensor. I dont know if a bad one will keep it from starting.

I am going to replace the ignition coil, I don't know if it is a common problem.

Any suggestions?


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should be plenty of posts about bypassing the starter switch on here/online, and that' the only one that would cause a 'no start' AFAIK.

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Code 12, starter switch means that the ECU doesn't know that you're starting the engine. This will keep it from choking the engine (it does it by electronically adding fuel...).


I found that out with the first EJ22 swap that I did, I didn't have that wire hooked up, and it was a bear to get started when it was cold.



I can't think of a likely scenario where the ECU wouldn't get this signal and the car would still turn over, as it's just a piece of wire that splices inline with the starter and runs over to the ECU. But, get out your diagrams and find that wire and test it....

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