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Locked front brake. '90 legacy

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So I just finished putting the engine back into the car after doing the head gaskets. Took it for a drive down my mountain. Now the brake is locked up tight.

Could this be part of the hill holder? I might have missed a connection when putting the engine back in?

Looking in the Chilton manual shows a hill holder, but not what to look for or how to adjust.

Ideas please!

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Could be.

The hill holder mechanism is on the frame rail just below the master cylinder. Cable runs from the lever on the hill holder to the clutch release fork.

Cable adjusted too tight can cause the brake to drag.

The cable needs adjustment if the clutch release cable is adjusted.


If your clutch release point is fine, then just loosen the hill holder cable until there is slack in the cable. Then tighten until the cable just starts to pull against the lever.

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