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EA81 Brat Refuses to start

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85 EA81 Brat

New Weber Carb

New fuel pump

Both New fuel filters

New ignition coil

New battery

Brand new Distributor

New sparkplugs gapped at .44

New spark plug wires. (Correctly ordered on the cap)

New Distributor cap and rotor

New PCV valve

Timing is correct (checked nine times)

New exhaust

Did a compression test and it was good. Don't remember the numbers though


Still won't start. I don't know why. Any advice or help?

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Firing order 




Cyl positions



3    4

1    2



Check that.


And then check for 12v to coil.

Check 2 wires to the disty from coil

How do you know the timing is correct if you can't get it to run?

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Is fuel actually getting to the engine ?


Getting spark at the plug ?


Distributor oriented correctly ?

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Was it going OK before you treated it to thestable full of goodies?


Two things on no start is fuel and spark


if it has spark, next trick is to use some form of coaxing, even a tiny dribble of fuel down its throat can make a diference, then there is starter fluid in spray cans...just watch for a backfire when spraying firewater at it!

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It has spark. I checked it by getting someone else to turn it over while I held all the sparks to metal. Im spraying a little carb cleaner into the carb and it doesn't make a difference. ????

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you said correctly ordered, but direction correct also? and in correct position? I once thought I just had to have the order and direction correct when I swapped all my six cylinder leads for new. Boy! Was I in for a learning curve that night !!. I think number one lead is the one most closest to the front like in a six of the clock position from viewing usual front of car facing engine.


I use the Jono tagging method now, with coloured cable zip ties


anything to do with 1 is red, and I recall red is one because same count of letters in the English word spelling

anything to do with two is blue, because it rhymes and blue has one more letter than red

anything to do with three is green, as three and green both have double ee, and green has one more letter than "blue"

anything to, whoops ! do with four is yellow, as one more letter in yellow than green


if you have any more cylinders work out your own sequence with black and white zip ties OK ??


I have also extended this colour theme to my tools


8mm spanners and T wrenches get black

10mm get red

12mm get blue

14mm get green

17mm get yellow

19mm get recycled - black as if I canna tel the difference between 8mm and 17mm stuff I better give up!!


I am slowly going through my drill driver bits as well so any 8mm hex driver for sheet screws etc get gloss black all over, ten mm red paint, 12mm blue paint all over. Just requires finding, cleaning up with solvent, find a can colour, hit 'em, let the paint dry and harden and return back to where they should belong. As I find more not painted they get ID check first, then the treatment. Other odd sizes dont get no paint. Just far easir picking the correct tool when required.


I cant make any money out of my system so may as well put it up out there under freeware licence agreement :)


So, I tag both ends of HT leads when I know it is correct and working, but shoot it is hard to get that 1342 ingrained out of my head !!


Yep, so spark has to occur at the correct time too, if you got the timing, position wrng you will still get spark just she wont fire!!

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Well it started for a few seconds when i put gas straight into the carb. Both fuel filters and the fuel pump are all new what would cause it to not get fuel?

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Now i dont even need to put fuel in the carb. Itll start up after 2 crabks and itll idle for 5 to 15 seconds then it backfires and dies.

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I'm with dee2. I had #1 spark plug wire hooked up at #2 and vice versa. It started, Ran and then died. After looking at my trusty (untrusty) Haynes book I realized plug one was front passenger bank, and number 2 was front driver plug. Simple fix. Also be sure you set ignition timing between 14-20°. Factory is 8 weber carbed subies like 14-20 depending on elevation. Remember when setting ignition timing the vacuum lead to the distributor must be unhooked. Also make sure you put fresh gas in. Good luck and let us know!

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Firing order is anticlockwise looking at top of dizzy cap.


If its a fuel starvation problem then try blowing out the fuel lines from the carb to the tank (after you disconnect them) with compressed air. Sometimes the lines clag up after yrs of use.

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