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chasing glovebox noises

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pesky noise coming from glovebox lid at times, all Brumbys are the same, this is my third to do so. This time, the lid came apart and stuffed with polyme fabric sound deadener. Wool fat on the hinge, and some heat shrink on the catch.


While I was in there thought better see why fresh air or recirculate function was hit and miss. When I installed L Sries vacuum reservoir I stuck one of the tiny one way valves arse about (rush job?)


Got that sorted and found the Brumby air control vacuum doodad beside under glovebox would work after engine shut down several times !


I also hit the big spring with heatshrik just to help with NVH

Lovebox lock lubed and now quiet and tight. Also stuff some self adhesed foam on the ionsertr to assist with NVH once again.


This baby is now so quiet it would make it possible to hold bluetoof conversations via the stereo even when driving !!

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