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Hi All,

Thanks for the add.

little back story I have been driving a 98 ford ranger 2wd basic like no ac basic for the past 4 years.

i now have the financial opportunity to upgrade so i started shopping.


my criteria:


fuel efficient,(19 plus combo)

roomy (I'm 6'5")

and a total project budget of $4100.00


i looked at everthing. too small, gas gussler, crappy awd systems,  too small,too small.


my wife suggested subaru.


Forgive me I come from old school big off road 79 ford ranger 390 burnt orange beast on 35's.


"honestly my first thought was you mean those wagons that are covered in every bumper sticker possible clogging up rush hour traffic driving 2-5 miles under the posted speed?."


but options were short so i started researching.


man i had a lot to learn  subaru fit every criteria and then some


i have landed on a 04 35th anniv. h6 outback w/ 147k for $3200.00 (still open to suggestions lawyers check is still clearing)


i plan a 2 ish" lift baja coils and struct spacers some general grabbers in correct size, lights and basket or as far as $900 will get me.


appreciate any input after all i am a subi noobi.j ust please dont flame me for the lift  im doing it for ride height (6'5") not too look cool.


I stop being cool with my fist kid right?


im in the Salem Oregon area and looking forward to connecting with any local crew thanks.

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flamed? You’ll get the opposite response here. Lots of us have lifts.


make sure the H6 doesn’t have blown head gaskets. They will intermittently overheat or only overheat under very specific conditions. So they end up on used car lots with issues that are hard to test for since they’re intermittent.


Signs of recent cooling system work - new coolant, cap, radiator, thermostat, or signs of bubbling over around the overflow reservoir, would cause me to hesitate.


Good luck and enjoy!

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Hey I just left Salem! I had a brat up there for a bit, my last truck was a 94 f150, before that a 76 Chevy k10 350, Subaru’s are just as straight forward. Just get yourself a reapair manual, a 6pack and learn all about your car. I’d say try to find a pretty 2.2L for 500$ And have the car rebuilt/ looked over, they’re pretty indestructible as long as you don’t overheat them, I feel most people get rid of them because they think oh high mileage better get rid of it before it breaks, rarely the case with Subaru’s, h6 sucks buttz because the quad cam has a tendency to create mad blow by and kills head gaskets. I got my last 2.2l Subaru for 900$ in Colorado with 230k on it

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