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your approach and departure angles

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yes outback is not best from subarus for those . Its long car it has long nose and long back bumper too. good thing they just plastic ones and not braking so easily. 

some lift and bigger tires helps there sure. so i put some 2'' spacers and 215/65 R16 tires . after that i have now about 10.2' / 26cm ground cleareance in middle. its little more in rear and little less in front were skid plate is . 

so after couple trips in forest and every time i got my front bumper dragged or its hooked on something and then wants to rip off situations, i thought of just cut half of it and put there at least some kind of skid plate.


now all is much better for front. and still legal even on my streets. 



measured angle without skid plate



looks cool too


and i can do now that .. 



later tested it how it goes. 



and yes rear bumper now goes into way but somehow still manages. i saw people cut rear bumper some too that lower part but for most parts now i don't have any problem with places i go.


i changed rear muffler and tried to put it as much deep inside that space as i could. so now its almost flat with bumper form. 



duno what more could be done with those outback models without going too much extreme and keeping as much original look of car as its possible. 


i guess  as imprezas are shorter so they better for those angles and lift. and foresters some better too. 


now as i think of rear bumper its not so much problem that it hits something , but problem is that its shape like hook and its hooks unto anything, mostly it will dig all mud or dirt inside itself because its just open for digging in that part. if it would be closed there it wouldn't be a problem .



it really feels like your rear bumper is this thing



so what your angles ?

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I have 48 front 45 rear on my 9 inch lifted GL. I’ll grab a few pics tomorrow.

amazing . so yours are better then standard jeep wrangler 


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