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I have a 2006 Legacy 2.5I Automatic


When I am drive @ 65-75 MPH with Cruise Control on, and the car is between a hill and flat area, I can feel the car "accelerate" then "decelerating " more that I think it is suppose to.


I run 93 octane fuel. 

Injectors were professionally cleaned and tested.

New Plugs, Ignition Coil(Subaru), Ignition Wires (Subaru), Timing Belt New (Subaru) all new components (Subaru)

The engine runs smooth. 


I just notice this when cruise is on going up a hill.



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It is probably due to the way the cruise control feedback loop is tuned.  Nothing to do with the engine, no way to retune it without reprogramming the cruise control.  If it didn't do this, it probably wouldn't maintain speed as well on the hills, or it wouldn't work as well when the car is fully loaded. 

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