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1 hour ago, nicksubaru said:

How long have you been working on this project? Start date? 

I bought the car January 18th 2017.. a lot of time was spent just fixing rust in the bed and tailgate area. I dont work on it every day either.. there have been month spans where I haven't touched it honestly.

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What's up guys!

I made a little video the other day talking about and showing off the car... would appreciate if you guys would watch it and leave some feedback.. trying to judge if I should do a build series on there as I finish the car or if it will just take too much time to film while working.

Lmk what you guys think! Thank you!

And sorry for the screen being cropped I will fix that on the next vid!


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2 hours ago, Crazyeights said:

I really like the videos. Thanks a lot for taking the time to make them. I look forward to seeing your progress :D

Appreciate it more then you know!!

Please subscribe to channel if you havent already and show off to any other car friends you have!


Want the channel to grow so I can hopefully fund more future builds!

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