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EA81 tries to fire ...my turn

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Long story short,

my small engine spark tester is confirming what I thought first,

I only get a spark as ignition comes off !

As I tried to start it it sounded as if it was about to fire yes CRANKS FINE thanks

Wont fire to start, but gave a last ditch try to fire as I switched off sometimes


Back story is this is my buttermilk in catch can ute


Not on the road at present thank Fuji


I always like to degrease engine bay before I get down and dirty


I also like to wash and polish before I start things too

So engine bay first


I was able to start it at first today after sitting a while, few weeks, after sitting a few months beforee that


Battery was a bit weak, so booster hoked up and she fired


moved it, degreased and pressure washed the engine bay from top of underside bonnet to back of gearbox and down under the sump


Gave her a pressure wash and chamois dry


Then started a while say three minutes, then died.


Yup, water under dizzy cap, so left it out in sun to dry inside of cap and dizzy itself


Still no fire


Loking at my propane mixer I wonder ...Jay Storer says never blame the gas first


I undid the cover of gas converter to find good reason for an overhaul kit to go through it, first time in nine years 120,000km. Been sitting on a repair kit, had the time, so went for it.

Overhauled the gas safety lock off too and just as well, its filter and bowl was chockers with dry mostly ferrous crap particles, never seen so much in my life !!


Gas stuff all cleaned up and kitted, set up and back in


Still no bloody start


I am planning to first hot wire it to boot the ignition switch out of the equation and see if it starts then.


Next will be swapp ignition switch

BUT have a sneaky suspisicion this weird thing has happened to others before, cant recall, who or what. Maybe I need to chase up a module I have lurking




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Ok 2 things spring to mind here mate.


1. Water inside a leccy connector and probably corroded in there too.

2. Coil or dist module bad. 9 from 10 they whack out once they get a little heat in them.

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Thanks. Can rule out ballast coz its module not points. Measured just under 12V at coil pos ignition on and just under 10 while cranking. Spark plugs all dry clean and near new Denso

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Time for some elec spray stuff...maybe even more sun in the bay? Found two modules and two coils to swap in

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Took ten minutes to swap out the reasonably new two pin module and an old trusty Hitachi original - and SHE BANGS!


Summertime here Dee, things dry out faster

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Wasn't much water as such just the typical escape into the cap


The offender


Probably good fortune that I went through my fuel filter and converter


Pic shows the crap that literally poured out of it in dry formpost-11063-0-74136700-1512807931_thumb.jpgpost-11063-0-99080400-1512808011_thumb.jpg

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