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1979 Brat w/ Weber Carb issues

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I got this brat about 3 years ago for $600, it ran and drove ok, has some rust, but somewhat sound.  Started having issues with the stock carb about a year into ownership, and through much research decided to go with the weber, even with the cost being more than half what I paid for the whole truck.  got everything on and the brat ran great for another year.  well the brat quit working, sat for a year, then i rebuilt the motor, and it was good again. 


So my issue now is that it keeps getting too much fuel, and not enough fuel.  It will flood, then rev up, then if left to idle, eventually sound like a tractor and die. I have adjusted everything on the carb over and over, took the top off the carb and checked the jets and the float i dont know how many times.  Im getting so fed up with this issue, and dont know if the best course of action would be to take it in to a carb and or subaru repair shop.  Or probably shouldn't say this on here, but im starting to think of putting the car on another frame and engine altogether.



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I would start over. I mean take a breath/ have a beer. +1 on fuel pressure gauge. Pull the weber off the car, clean the base plate. Rebuild the Weber, kits available from $30 up. make sure it has accelerator pump ect and not just gaskets. I soak my old carbs in cleaner available at any parts store in gallon size. Take your time take photos and notes when tearing it apart. (I do this because I get interrupted and may be weeks before I can continue) Check for vacuum leaks when you get it back on. Crazy stuff happens when you rebuild motors. I use Diethyl ether to check the base plate and vacuum ports for leaks. Quick shots don't get all wild  :grin: You will get the fun Brat back into trouble faster than a body swap Guaranteed !   

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