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85 Hitachi carb solenoid

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This is a continuation of topic but could not figure out how to photo for a member inquiry. Part is Hitachi AESU128 34 possibly subaru number 14774A080. As in a 2015 inquiry from someone, the plastic vacuum hose connector is cracked off. Top of two solenoid valves ?  Side connector snapped probably years ago when rebuilt was installed by mechanic. I am owner and trying to get it smogged and stationary idle lowered.   My photos, especially decent ones will probably be too large. know computers about as poorly as automobiles but have had this one since 1984 december.  Found two photos small enough but quality iffy. Guess only one is attaching, not sure which one. My computer shows as 2.0 mb but website says still too big. Second one same size but accepted.post-68390-0-28271800-1513045762_thumb.jpg

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