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Hello subaru fans just bought a 95 svx love this car but the awd seems to fall short of my expectations 90% to the front wheels 10% to the rear anyway I'm going to wait till I drive in snow before I buy a European trany if that's even possible my car has 130000 on it and has been taken care of by the dealership that sold it have all the receipts but it smokes when I first start it is this normal for a car this old I'm new to the boxer motor is my smoking from valve seats being worn please let me know and I hope our experience is a positive one thanks G

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The 90/10 split is when everything is ideal. If slip is detected it can transfer up to 50% to the rear. Plus the rear is limited slip. Love my SVX but I also realize we are dealing with cars two decades old or more. Still handles like she is on rails, lol!

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