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I removed the passenger side head for another issue.  I turned the crank so the flywheel was on the 3 marks and the passenger cam pulley had the timing mark pointing up at the timing cover mark.  My question is what is going on with the driver's side cam pulley.  It has 2 marks on it - one pointing up and the other down.  See the picture.  On both pulleys, a mark is on the 5th hole (the small one) and it is aligned with the spring pin that locates the pulley on the cam.  But on the driver's side, this 5th hole is pointing down!!!  The previous owner installed new belts.  Did he line up the drivers side 180 deg off? Can the engine run that way? (It did run but not the greatest power.  Didn't sound bad.)  Are the two pulleys supposed to be marked differently but mine are not?

Thanks for your help. (Trying to get the photo to show up)

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The timing mark on the cam pulleys is the small hole near the edge.

When they are properly installed, and the flywheel is on the center of the 3 ||| marks, one should be up at 12:00 in line with the notch in the plastic back cover.  The other will be 180 degrees out, at 6:00.  This is normal.  Rotate the crank 1 full turn, and they should be swapped - the one that was on the mark will be at 6:00 and the other will now be on it's mark at 12:00.


The pulleys are the same.

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