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Lift vs wheel spacers

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I didn't know where "exactly" to put this so if its wrong, mods feel free to move it elsewhere.


I have a 1984 Nissan 300zx turbo 5 speed.It was a really nice car until the PO parked it under a rotten carport and then it snowed 3 ft on top of it.So  the passenger side of the roof/rear hatch/ RR quarter panel got smashed along with all the glass except the driver side.$850 later and its mine.I knew right off the bat it would never win trophies at a car show so decided to turn the car into a fun rallymobile, I removed the front and rear bumpers and made lighter tubular steel ones.The front bumper also integrates a crash bar/skidplate that protects the radiator/front suspension from rocks and small children :P.


I want to put the smallest LT all terrains on it for more traction in gravel as well much more durability.The tire size that is reasonably small and common is a 215/75/15,stock tires are 215/60/15.Problem is in stock form the tires are about 1/2" away from the front spring perches. I can address that by running a 2" wheelspacer + a small strut top lift+ minor fender trimming, or I can cut apart the front struts and weld in a 2-3" spacer to move the spring perches up away from the tire.The 300zx uses a strut with a replaceable cartridge so I can take every thing apart and get good full strength welds.


I'm wondering what would be the best way to go about getting the bigger tires to fit without ruining the handling of the car?

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