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I have a 2007 Forester. My passenger side head gasket seems to be leaking oil the the top of the head. I am wanting to replace the gasket myself and I am looking for advice. I have several questions for yall. 


1. Is there enough clearance in the engine compartment to take out the heads without taking the block out?


2. Are there any special tools that I need for this job?


3. What else would be a good idea to replace while I have the heads off and the engine apart?


4. Does anyone have or know of any good videos on this process?


5. Any other advice or suggestions that I have not addressed in my previous questions?


Thank you for your help and advice! I need it!


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These almost never leak oil at the top of the heads. AVLS switch or solenoid, oil pressure switch( under the alternator) , or the power steering pump leaking are far more common.

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