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Weird, my *new* Forester was fine and after about 100 miles when it sits for 20 or so minutes the vacuum leaks out of the booster.  I'm guessing it's the check valve inside the hose.  Tried to clean it but it still leaks the vacuum.  Do you guys have a generic check valve you recommend to put inline on a generic hose?


I can't help wondering if the previous owner decided to sell it after the brakes went funny?

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good idea on the cleaning, sometimes they can have moisture or 'sludge' that gets frozen in cold temps.


though very rare, the diaphragm in the booster can have a leak. You might hear that one.


the check valve is a built-in pill - maybe grab a hose from a pick-and-pull wrecking yard?


good question about an 'external' valve - I think Fords have an external valve.....???

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