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Forgive me if I have asked this question before but for some reason cannot seem to find the answer I'm looking for. I'm going against the norm here. Most people want to lift their Subaru. I'd prefer to lower mine a bit. Not slam it, just drop it maybe 2". My Subaru is a 2003 Baja. I've always liked the right height of the Legacy GT Wagons. 


I found these springs on Ebay: 




The reason I'm looking at "wagon" instead of "sedan" springs is my logic is the wagons typically use stiffer rear springs for payload reasons.


Of course if I enter 2003 Baja, it says it's not compatible with my vehicle. I'm sure this has something to do with different OEM part numbers.


I think someone on here said they installed a set of adjustable coil overs on their Baja but I think they spent some crazy money on them, like over $1000 so that's above my price range.


I'm wondering if the there is a difference in the strut assemblies between the Baja and Legacy that may alter the right height. From 2004 until the end of production, Subaru raised the Baja about an inch for some reason. Did they use different springs or a spacer? I've heard of some people installing spacers between the tower and strut assembly to lift the suspension. This makes me wonder if there is already a spacer there and removing it may do the same thing. 


I've also wondered if the Baja shares some of the same components as the Outback wagon but not the base Legacy. Like the suspension since the ride height looks the same. I think Subaru also used the SUBARU lettering from the Forester on the tail gate.


I'd really like the stick with replacing just the springs instead of using a set from a junkyard. My Baja has less than 80,000 miles on it. I'd prefer not to use a set from a Legacy with 250,000 miles on it.


And the biggest question is, if I drop the suspension, will I have to have the camber adjusted? Reason being is I've had to use those camber correction bolts where one of the holes in the strut has to be hogged out on another car I own and they always seem to work loose over time.




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The baja is the same chassis as the 00-04 Legacy and Outback. Outback struts/springs would bolt right on, and give very similar ride height to the stock baja.


You could definitely use the struts/springs from a standard Legacy to drop your baja. FYI, the Baja and Outback have spacers on all the suspension crossmembers, and many of the mounts are shaped differently to accomodate the taller ride height. Many people drop them without removing this, but it will effect the roll center, and dynamic camber of the vehicle.





Also, FYI. $1000 is cheap for coilovers.

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Your Baja is just a 2003 Outback with no roof. It is mechanically identical. 


Use 2003 Legacy suspension - it will drop about 3". You will need smaller tires, and an alignment.


Subaru's have factory camber bolts in the front. They will adjust to the lower suspension. 


And yes - $1000 is cheap and on the junk side for coil overs. Good one's start around $1800. 



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100% agree with GD's opinion on coilovers.  Additionally, buy a brand that can be rebuilt, coilovers tend to wear out a LOT faster than OEM struts (20-40k miles vs. 40-80k miles for OEM).

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