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Might be getting a second Subaru, and am wondering if there is anything I should watch out for.

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Ok my current Subaru is not currently working and will take some time to fix it,because it got flooded.


Well i am going to be car shopping on Wednesday the 14th,and there is a Subaru on the site of the dealership i will be going to,and i will be looking at it among other cars.



I just would love to know what to look out for on this Subaru so I know what to look for to make sure i am getting a good car.



The car is a 2002 Subaru Legacy GT Wagon(Auto Trans) with 114K Miles,and according to the CarFax it has been in Texas all it's life.


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External headgasket leaks (usually coolant on that vehicle). Have a good flashlight and look around the lower head to engine mating surface front to back and look down the back of the engine from anove where the lower corner of the head is visible. Look for any signs of green coolant. And signs of overheating while driving though that’s not a normal initial symptom on that engine.


Torque bind. Drive in a dry paved parking lot with the steering turned to full lock in circles. Drive in a de complete circles. If you feel braking sensation it’s torque bind.


All the timing pulleys and timing belt should be replaced. If any of those fail, which they do, you’ll have bent valves and need another engine or $$$$.

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Be dilligent with inspecting the car for signs IT was in a flood as well. Can't assume a vin check will accurately report flood damage, especially if it wasn't reported, or hasn't been added to the system yet.


Signs of flooding could be power seats not working, sand/grit under carpet in trunk/hatch area, etc.


People think rusted seat mounts are a sign of having been in a flood, but it can mean the car was in a salted-road state at some point. I think it gets tracked into the car via wet shoe bottoms, and the carpet wicks it up over time.


Check underside for rust, especially towards the rear of the car, like strut towers, etc.


Check frame rails up front for straightness, look through/behind the grill for signs of broken plastic, like missing/cracked mounts, etc. as well as check the headlight alignment AND housing area and under front of car for signs of heavy gouging in the metal (could mean something was run over like a curb). A light pointing squarely at the ground or sky high (when on, track the light beam while on a level road) might be a sign something was hastily replaced or wedged back in.

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