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My new Crosstrek

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From the big bend in Florida.  I've tried some other sites but they don't look as good as this one.

I had a Forrester and just bought the Crosstrek.  Starlink and Eyesight are driving me crazy.  Well, a little putt could do that.

Hundreds of pages of manuals without answers.  Some of the answers on the forum leave me more confused.

But, I like a challenge.  My first car was a 1949 Ford coupe.  Flathead 6.  I had one of the first SAABs that came into the country.  2 cycle, add oil to the gas tank with each fill-up.  I'm at the point in life that when I read a page in the manual and turn to the next page, I've forgotten the last one.  But, I like challenges.  I love the way the Crosstrek handles, all the way to 100MPH.  Glad to be here.  Thanks


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