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Yes, I'm back! 

If you might not remember, I had a 1990 Loyale RS that I rather loved...unfortunately, it met an untimely end at the hands of an old guy in a GMC truck. There was much sadness.

After this, I went through an Impreza, to an XT6, traded that off for a Legacy, switched that out for a GL and now finally, finally...


Ended up with a Saab 9-2x Aero. Y'know, the one with the EJ20T that looks an awful lot like a WRX? Yeah, I got one of those. I'm still good, right? Right?

As per usual, I have some ideas on what to do with the car, just haven't done any of it yet. Nothing too crazy; mostly cosmetic stuff. 


Hope to talk to more of you soon...



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i've always wondered why this model SAAB looks alot like a WRX Wagon whenever i see it on the road.


you're not the only one that lost an old Subie, old Lady plowed and demolished my poor 1990 Loyale in october 2015, puked on the side of the road a fewminutes later from the disgust of seeing my vehicle crushed like that after hours and hours and years of owning it, was in excellent condition, oh well, you just learn to move on.

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