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Lifted Subaru Roll Call 2018

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Post up a couple pics and specs on your ride!


'80 GL Wagon

8 inch lift with SJR strut tops


5 speed D/R

Sammie transfercase 4.16 gears

30x9.5r15 Maxxis Bighorns

Long travel rear shocks

RCI 17 Gal fuel cell





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Nicely done.I think you have everyone beat as far as specs go.


'84 GL wagon


Homemade 4" lift.


Original EA81 engine. Stock Hitachi.


Junkyard 4 speed.


Rear disc brakes and LSD from '86 turbo sedan.


29" BFG KM2 tires. Properly machined 6 lug hubs.post-24888-0-43569400-1521079490_thumb.jpg

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84 GL 


8 inch front/7 inch rear lift.  Chopped and plated reinforced front Radius mounts.  Cross braced rear.


EA82 front axles, crossmember/ suspension w/ 1 inch extended, sleeved, radius rods.  secondary front shocks (ea81 rears :) 


Lightweight subframe connecting front and rear lifts, also serves as carrier bearing mount for 5 spd driveline.


Cross braced rear suspension blocks.  Long travel (14") rear shocks with wheel well tower modification/punch up.


Armored sump, rear diff and gas tank.  Dual E-brakes.  Welded rear.  Snorkel.  Forester fenders w/recycled quad fender mudflaps.


93 ported EJ22 w/ OBD 1 manifold/harness.  Hacked IAC idle control.  Hacked cooling fan control.


5-Spd, 3.9  D/R 4wd trans.  31x10.50 Wintercat studded snows.


39007781240_f4211cbeaf_b.jpgIMG_2879 by Dans Subaru, on Flickr

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Wow, you guys are animals.

86 GL, 95 ej22 swap

2" homemade lift

Factory otherwise, I have gone nearly 15,000 since the swap no problems at all. 

I might not  be in next years roll call, I am taking the lift off soon


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I can't remember the last lifted roll call thread that I posted to...


But still going - Ruby Scoo:


EJ22 conversion (2008?);

dual range L series AWD locking centre diff box, 1.59:1 low range, oil feeders over the low range, EJ front cases (uses all factory EJ clutch/flywheel setup), front LSD, 4.111:1 diff ratios;

Three inch lift kit, believed to be a BYB kit

27 inch tyres

Safari snorkel

Still running an open rear diff :(






from 2014:  Fulton's creek track, Walhalla, VIC (southern foothills of our alpine area)






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82 Brat DL

5 spd DR w/ Jerrys kit

EJ22 with ADF adapter and SPEC stage 3 clutch

rear disc brakes

reupholstered interior

GL dash swap

HID head lights

full LED conversion

4" ADF lift

EA82 front springs

clocked torsion bars

lowered bump stops

PS conversion

6 lug conversion

15" Method Standard wheels

215-75-15 BFG AT TA KO2

Restored Snug top

STi Spec C roof vent

all new bushings

new struts/ shocks

new brake lines

WALBRO 155 GPH fuel pump

Custom 1 piece rear drive shaft

JVC head unit with 4 kenwood speakers

modified 1st gen A bar

Nilight 22" light bar and 2 pods


In the works: tube lower control arms and Forester knuckles/ struts/axles, Sway-A-Way rear torsion bars




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1998 obs, just cut the bumper today, and the lift is relatively new, but definitely helps with the sand/gravel beaches that i used to get *almost* stuck in


05 forester KYB struts

stock 15s with 215/75r15 open country at2


cut bumpers, full legnth header and thule are the only mods, planning onboard air with trainhorn, some perimeter lights,  roof platform with canopy, and probably some strut top spacers or springs to get a tad more lift.


on a similar note, can anyone explain this? started at 7.3" to the rear diff. lifted it and was at 9.3. put 2.8" taller tires on it and drove it 2 days, and its at 10.1. shouldnt the 2.8" taller tires add 1.4" of additional lift?




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1982 Subaru Brat

EA82 Front crossmember/suspension

4/3 Inch lift

29" mud terrains

5 Speed Dual Range


Welded Rear diff

Same rear shock setup as OP 



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