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EA 71 Vacuum Advance

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-1980 Brat


i figured out why my accelerator pedal has a dead spot somewhere in the middle when accelerating quickly, my 38 year old vacuum advance isn't working, which doesn't suprise me, hose disconnected or connected, or putting a vacuum through it with my mouth should accelerate the idle, instead it feels like something is torn inside that's just letting air get through, and does absolutely nothing.


soooo, anyone know where to get just the vacuum advance for one of these things without buying a whole distributor? by buying a whole distributor i get a vacuum advance but with only one port, which is fine, ill just plug the other hose which is the retard one, but I seem to not be able to find just the vacuum advance anywhere :( single or double ported vacuum advance.


any substitutes from an old Ford or something that will work and has an outside mount like this one with some modification that someone has done in the past?


what do you guys run as a timing advance on these old Subaru's? the original electronic ignition control module is still working on this vehicle suprisingly, but can easily swap out to points also if needed for some type of conversion related to the timing advance that you guys have done? dunno. vehicle runs great but that lag does get annoying and makes it seem like the brat has 10 transmission gears to go through.

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when you know that the prices are Super Inflated because Sadly they are rare, and non are available across the United States online or in stores, unless you buy a whole Distributor which happens to be half the price of just the Vacuum advance by itself compared to the australia item, or the same price from israel, either way I guess im buying a whole Distributor for $55 from Georgia so im not stuck with the 1+month wait for international mail. so dumb.


Posted Links if anyone was interested, most inexpensive i was able to find.



-$55 Distributor Electronic Pickup Coil Type (shipping included)



-$99 Distributor Points Type (shipping included)






-$89 after shipping from Australia





-$52 after shipping from israel



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