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Lone Starr

1800 Fuel Tank/Pick up issues

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Hi everyone,

I'm currently chasing a fuel issue on my 82 1800gl.It is having g a problem going up hills, was thinking that the stock pump was tired or not up to the task of keeping the fuel bowl in the weber carburetor it was converted to.

This weekend I upgraded to the Carter style rotors vein pump some of the Weber swap sites reccomend, which is a high flow, but low pressure. It seems to have helped a little bit, but not entirely, or consistently. I have been using a hill near the garage for testing, and for the most part, it makes it almost 50% further up.

While messing around with it and trying different things, I have noticed that it will go up the same hill in reverse with no drama. It also runs great on the level, the only exception is if I really wind it up giving it the beans, it'll starve our around the top of 3rd gear.

Tank had around 9 gallons in it, and to me the last common denominator is that the fuel is pushed twards the rear of the tank when this is going on. So, sorry for the long winded post, but wanted to be thorough. Curious if anyone else has had a similar issue, and if I'm on the right track. Unfortunately, I think finding out isn't going to be easy, because unless my eyes deceived me, I think the pickup is part of the tank, and the only way to repair it is to dissasemble the tank.

From the looks of it, the pickup tube comes in through the front, wraps around the inside of the tank to the end of the pickup near the rear of the tank. I'm thinking that maybe there's a break or pinhole twards the front of the tank where I was not able to see would cause it to suck air when the tube isn't fully submerged.

It doesn't look like a new tank for my year is available, so repair may be my only option, unless anyone knows weather or not a newer year may fit. Otherwise, this may get interesting.


P.s. didn't mention it before, but the float level in the carb is in adjustment, and I am fairly certain fuel starvation is the issue. With the front up on ramps, and the air cleaner off, you can watch the fuel level in the bowl drop. Less so with the new pump.

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