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Hello from Sweden

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Hi Guys!

Bought a Forester 2.0X 2006 almost a year ago. I´m working as entrepreneur and is hauling a boogie horse trailer stuffed with heavy equipment.

My Passat TDI 2003 (stick shift) really didn´t like the load, aspecially when starting uphill, it even began smellinclutch and hot oil and actually consuming oil.

So I looked around and found this lady with 4 speed automatic. I was advised from various hot shots not to get an automatic trannie for this job, but the gal perform superb.

I got military training even with terrain vehicles and I assure U I´ve gone places I never even considered before AND GOT OUT of them :)

I Love this little ol´ lady.

However right now she´s on vacation resting on the lift as there is long service overdue. My old Tiger Tank Volvo 850 has to stand in for the period.

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Possibly the oldest Subaru in Sweden is sitting in a dealership , a 1976 metal flake brown 2 door sedan. That was mine. Sent to Sweden with only 36,000 miles on it. I think the family name is Phillips. Two of the three sons involved were rally racers in the European series.


Just a little story for you. Enjoy !

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