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1992 Loyale, gratitude

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Hi All,



Finally registered after a year or so of lurking, here to say, thank y'all!


I found my 1992 Loyale in Florida on Craig's List. It was a scary purchase, 205k miles and only firing on three cylinders when I bought it for $800.


I was not previously mechanically inclined, but could buy a set of plugs and wires and ended up blessed and happy. Everything worked, including the AC, and I drove the Loyale across the country, with round-trips to NW Ohio and Dallas.


I first came to this forum about a year ago when the Loyale suddenly died on the highway. Thanks to many here, I was able to diagnose and then fix the broken timing belt, with a $10 part and about two days of head-scratching labor.


Since then, I've added about 17k to the odometer (up to 221k now), The timing belt broke again, and I figured out that a small piece of left-over timing-belt-cover was dangling in the belt path (I had to destroy mine to remove it).


Yesterday I pulled all of the AC components and am now running with one belt, scared again because the alternator is only supported at two points. Maybe I should track down and buy the brackets I've seen mentioned here.


In any case, if anyone needs a working AC compressor (or the other parts for the AC: condenser, tubing, sensor, etc), let me know--


Thanks again all (especially to Miles Fox, seeing is believing).

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Where in florida are you? Why'd you ditch the AC?!?!? It's almost summer!!


I'm in gainesville and would love to snag the ac stuff from you if it is complete and all works!

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We're in Ohio right now, but usually in St. Pete.


Too bad I hadn't done the AC delete before I came north, I could've dropped by.


I used the AC a few times in the worst of Florida's heat, but when my timing belt broke, I had a hard time getting the covers off. I ended up pulling the condenser along with my radiator, just so I could go apesh** with my pry bar.


The refrigerant escaped (apologies to my grandchildren), and I intended to recharge but never got the roundtoit parts that I needed.


Here we are a year later, and with new work done and planned, I decided I didn't need it in my engine bay, in my way, and I'd never use it enough to justify working around it all the time. I say that now in the cool of spring...


I was very careful pulling everything. The lines dripped a little yellow-green oil when I removed them. I'm confident it's still a viable system. I haven't yanked the box under the dash yet but everything that was attached to the compressor has been pulled, to the firewall. This was a factory AC-- I suppose I should cover the holes so it doesn't dry out while sitting in my garage here.


I need a replacement bracket to secure my alternator (right now I'm getting my 14vdc, but feeling insecure), so I'm looking for a non-AC EA82 to swap with.


I don't have a plan to drive down as yet, but I'll let you know if that changes.

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