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A few years ago my car was running even though it was off. I thought we took out the abs fuse but maybe I was wrong? Where the fuse was it was H/L Relay LH. Right when we took it out my ABS light was on? It has been so many years, we tried to find a replacement but couldn't find it. 


Am I going insane? Does a 95 have an abs fuse? I just wanna fix the light for my brother. 


I look online and it says its a head light fuse but all of my headlights work and in great shape, I'm so lost.




Update I just found out my brother showed me the fuse box upside down over face time. IM looking for SBF no 7 fuse. Would that cause for abs like turning on?



This is not the exact picture of my fuse box but its this on in the photo except I am missing SBF 7 and 6 http://allauto.biz/wp-content/uploads/mods/subaru-forester-2.0-mt--1993-26514-5.jpg

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um, OK, if the ABS light is on, you could have a bad sensor or wiring to a sensor at one of the wheels. On older cars, there could just be some rush on the sensor.


if you want to disable ABS, that may require taking a connector loose somewhere.


maybe I'm confused.

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The ABS on a 95 isn't worth having - it's more dangerous in some situations. Leave the system disabled and pull the bulb from the cluster.



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