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Video! EA81 pressure plate clutch, new, is this right? 1984 GL

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That is a natural consequence of the pressure plate applying *pressure* (it's job) to the disc. Those are springs and they flatten out with more pressure - ie: thicker disc. So a worn out disc or a pressure plate removed from the flywheel will always have that crown to it. While an assembled pressure plate with a new disc will be basically flat. This is the reason behind the cable requiring adjustment as the clutch disc wears. 



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I just installed a pressure plate clutch with the exact same issue.  You can install it as is.  Once you install it, your clutch pedal will go all the way to the floor and stay there.  No worries.  You have to significantly readjust the clutch cable that comes into the back of the fork by tightening it up maybe 3/4".  You will have to keep playing with it until you get engagement of the clutch on the foot pedal, exactly where you like it.  Also, if you have a hill holder cable attaching to the fork from the front, you will want to loosen the nut on that until there is only a very slight tension in the cable and spring.  And I do mean slight, like 1/2 turn.  Otherwise it will feel like your break is on, which it is, and it will cause you to kill the engine when you engage the clutch.

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