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Many posts in this forum re what ATF works in Subaru trannys; and other makes. 

Subaru says for my 2008 Outback, must be their ATF-HP.  Please search site below for possible replacement with even better performance: 



click on  PI SHEET. 


Subaru ATF-HP and HP appear as backward compatible.  I read thru the Valvoline specs, and it exceeds all those listed in the PI sheet in resistance to breakdown at high temperatures = life span.


I first encountered the problem with a TOYOTA TUNDRA 2011 ATF change.  Toyota changed OEM specs on approved xmission fluid to avoid penalties from Euro 'green' laws, extending the recommended miles before ATF replacement necessary to 100,000 miles.  This is a fantasy.  But to enforce the 'saving' of hydrocarbon usage, Toyota also took away the tranny drain tube/plug and replaced it with a stand-pipe in the sump that retains a high level of ATF even when the 'drain' (hahaha) plug is opened.   You need special equipment to fully drain/replace the ATF.


When I drained / replaced with Valvoline at 80,000 miles, the ATF was black as coal, and up-shifts were hanging and shuddering.  At 100,000 suspect xmission would have been toast.  Replacement with Valvoline restored smooth shifts, and added 2 MPG to efficiency.  (Well, improved from 12 mpg to 14:  but if ya gotta pull a 6000 lb trailer, you're gonna need a V8, right?)


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Listen Troll - no one wants your ADVERTISING around here.


Plenty of ATF products that meet the ATF-HP standard and many others. At my shop we use exclusively Amsoil full synthetic ATF. It meets every standard out there. They also make an excellent CVT fluid. Much better than anything Valvoline offers.



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Amsoil made a significant improvement in my 2000 Impreza Trans with high mileage.  Great ATF.

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