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How do I R & R liftgate outside trim 2014 Forester

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I broke the exterior trim piece located below the window on the liftgate on my 2014 Forester. I have found a new part but don't know how to successfully R and R the broken piece. 

All hints are very welcomed.



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I've been wrenching on cars for 50 years or more, and on subies since 1997. My last OutBack (2012) required having the same section removed to get at the reverse camera to repaint its bracket that was rusting and staining the tailgate paint. I haven't done a Forester, but it will be very similar.


The tailgate interior panels come off first. They are all fastened on with pop plugs. Pry under the trim with a flat screw driver until you can get fingers underneath the piece, and pry it straight out from the steel tailgate frame. Top center section first, then both upper side pieces. From the bottom edge of the tailgate lower trim cover, remove the screws for the handle if there are any (under a small plastic cover), then pry all sides of the lower cover and pop it off a short distance. Reach in behind the cover and disconnect wiring to tailgate switch on cover panel.


When you go to reinstall these panels, line up the plugs with their holes and slap the panels back into place with the palm of your hand. (don't forget to reconnect that switch wire.)


Prop the tailgate up with a hockey stick and remove the bolts for the gas shocks to the tailgate (leave other ends attached). Pop off the trim panels that cover the inner edges of the tailgate next to the gas shock anchor points (should pull off with maybe a screw or acorn nut.)


Most of that exterior panel you want to remove is held on by 10 or more 10 mm nuts with integrated washers on the nuts. There will be 3/4 inch round holes through the steel tailgate that gives access to them. You will need a 10mm LONG socket with an extension to reach them. Once removed the panel may also have 2 or 3 pop plugs on each side and should pull straight off. Reach in behind the panel and disconnect wiring to license plate bulbs, and switches for the gate unlock switch and lock switch.


At that point, it will be obvious what needs removing and how the parts come off. Replacement is just the reverse. Take your time, and take lots of pictures if you're not used to this kind of work. Its not rocket science, but don't get rammy and break trim plug mounts. Any plugs that stayed in the steel tailgate on removal of the trim piece, pop them out, slide them back into the trim piece before you try putting the trim panel back on. Good Luck!



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Yeah the 91111P is just an identifier like the Item Number in an AIPC illustration.  If you look at the link it shows you the identifier number on the left then the actual part number on the right side of the page



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