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Instructions Adjust Hydraulic Valve Lifter 1984

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3-43  7. Hydraulic Valve Lifter

1. Replacement    

The hydraulic valve lifter can be replaced even when the engine is mounted on the vehicle as follows:  


1. Disconnect both the blow-by and PCV hoses

2. Revove the valve rocker cover.

3. Using the special tool (Socket Wrench: 899988607), loosen the valve rocker ASSY and remove the push rod.  

4. Raise the vehicle body with a jack and suppor it on a safety stand.

5. Remove the nuts which secure the front engine mounting and slightly raise the engine using a floor crane.

6. Remove the drain plug to drain the engine oil completely.  Detach the oil pan.

7. Remove the hydraulic valve lifter.  Use of a magnet facilitates removal. 




Fig. 3-45  A5-678


8. The valve lifter can be installed in reverse order.


2. Adjustment


1. Perform adjustment in cold condition [coolant temperature 20 to 40 deg. C (68 deg. to 104 deg. F)].

2. Retighten cylinder head nuts and bolts previously if necessary.

3. Adjust hydraulic valve lifter with the following procedures:


a. Perform adjustment in two  (2) sequences.

Sequence (I) --------------------


Position #1 cylinder at TDC (compression), and adjust the valve lifters for intake and exhaust valves on #1 cylinder, for exhaust valve on #3 cylinder and for intake valve on #4 cylinder.  


Sequence (II)----------------


Position #2 cylinder at TDC (compression), and adjust all the others, i.e. for intake and exhaust valves on #2 cylinder, for intake valve on #3 cylinder and for exhaust valve on #4 cylinder.

b. Raise up the bend of lock washer, loosen the lock nut, and then turn the valve rocker screw clockwise by approx. four (4) turns using Valve Clearance Adjuster 498767000.



Fig. 3-46 A-700 <Valve opens.  Screw by approx 4 turns>


c. Leave it with the valves opened for approx. 15 minutes. 




Fig 3-47 A-701 <Leave for approx 15 minutes then pressure chamber volume becomes minimum.       Valve moves to close a little.>


d. Unscrew the valve rocker screw gradually.  Then, the rocker arm stops moving due to the closing of valve.  This condion is called "Zero Point".  



Fig. 3-48 A5-702  <Valve closes Zero point  Unscrew gradually>


e. Moreover, unscrew the valve rocker screw counterclockwise by 1.5 turns



Fig. 3-49 <Hydralic valve lifter adjusted  Unscrew by 1.5 turns>


f. Tighen lock nut, and bend the lock washer.  


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This process is so far beyond my knowledge . This is gonna take me forever

I am not a Subaru expert, and far from being one.  


The process is not so difficult.  The hardest part is trusting that it is as easy as turning the rocker screw until it feels loose. 

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