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I have a 2011 Subaru Forester and the engine can not start.  Is a cylinder one issue.  I was searching more about the issue and found about the oil consumption problem.  My car is a salvage title so it doesn't have any warranty.


The FB25 engine, from what I found searching on the internet, is used on the Forester since 2011 to present.  I would like to replace the engine for a newer one (2016 or newer).  Can any one knows about the modifications that it needs to be done for this scenario:  A 2016 FB25 on a 2011 Forester? 


Any Help?



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Using car-part.com I see that the 2011-2013 should swap. Nothing about the 2016 or newer for an interchange. But looking @ the 2016 option shows that they ALL are PZEV (see attached) so I'd doubt they'd be an option anyway.


Remember that there were PZEV (Google it) and NON-PZEV versions in 2011  and you need to confirm yours matches.


Also, the 2011 oil consumption was a recall by Subaru, so you should be able to tell by the VIN number of the donor car whether the engine was replaced/fixed before you buy. The VIN should be stamped on the engine - usually on the back?

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