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Hi from western Canada

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Been lurking for a few weeks since my wife is grumbling about the bad mileage on her 13 forester. Seems like it gets just about the same as all the rest though. But in the mean time we finally found what she really wants to drive (and it gets way better mileage...).

Talking to an old farmer at an in-laws Easter dinner and he casually mentions he has a Brat sitting in his garage for over a decade....Has to sell it... after that, I don't remember eating dinner. All I can think of is the Brat. We went over the next week and it turns out to be an 81, got the usual pile of rust (our roads eat them) but he poured a bit of gas on top of the air cleaner it ran under the wing nut and it started!

I'm expecting a big price and am trying to talk up the rust when he says " you can have this other car for parts". I look outside and he has an 82 wagon sitting out there. Pretty rusty too but complete. Hauling them home this weekend . I guess it is time to learn to use a Mig.....

Anyway, hi. Wanted to say something more than "hi, my name is John". It isn't.

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Welcome aboard, "John."


I think you will find that, re-habbing old Subarus is pretty satisfying. 


If you can win the rust battle, everything else is cake, because they will always run!


And if you can manage to save the wagon, you'll find it's just as much fun as the Brat.

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