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never use 3" tube for EA tailshafts :(

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I bought a new or barely used one piece tailshaft made for EA82 5MT DR box into EA81 or bypass EA82 centre bearing.


Actually, I bought two, the latter a bit more used


The neaer new one is 3" OD tube and is causing havoc where it is welded to front yoke. Lumps of weld are knockingh on the 1 to 5 shift levers, preventing fifth gear while moving. sometime third cops it as well. If it was a lesser OD some problems would not have occured


I ground the lumpy bits down to suit one Brumby, now it is giving grief in another.


One difference between two Brumbies excpet for age and distance, and colour, is that I had previously spaced the engine cross member rear bolts at radius rod plates in order for the five speeds lump that should have been cut off to clear the floor.


I am about to crawl under to swap in the skinnier one piece and take notes.


It may also be a case of engine and trans not nicely trued up underneath. Got another sort of noise and resonance coming from here somewhere too. Just swapped in my rear diff again after months of fun as a hi lo range FWD


Actually not same rear diff either. I sold it and installed my 149,000 km diff, condition other than new oil filled, unknown.


I also have a centre bearing cross member from another Japanese breed RWD that is rumoured to be a nice fit to use L Series two piece tail shafts. I can see it will need some modifications for starters......


wish me luck

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Taken notes this time. The 70mm OD single piece does not share all the same stuff as the 77mm OD shaft also single piece


As I am pulling it out to revert back to dual range FWD I tried the rear uni joint. One axis is nice and smooth yet the other has a very mild stiffness about it, so not perfect, no tell tale rust signs, no gritty bits about it. No idea what it is out of ....maybe EA81


. It has inner C clip circlips and not factory or shop staked. So , it will be out next and off to get a new uni


If that resolves,this one I will be happy. Then grind something off my shift levers to sort the fat one

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