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Tell her if it ever fails to go in a straight line in the snow with good tires at 35-40mph, the end links for the front sway bar might have snapped (these use plastic dog bone ends). I ran into that the first winter with mine and thought it was just the car.


Not to start a fight....really, genuinely curious...but....


I don't see at all how a disconnected sway bar (broken link) could afffect the steering?  Espescially going in a straight line on flat ground.  The sway bar has nothing to do with steering.  It doesn't change the direction of the wheel.


I could see on very bumpy roads maybe could make for some effort to handle the car, but just a  dusting of snow? 


What function do you think the sway bar is serving, that when absent creates a steeering issue?


FWIW, when I've had trouble keeping a striahgt line in the snow in a Subaru, it's been a rear end alignment issue causeing the "ghost walk" that hte 05-09 are known for....though I've seen it in a GL with failed suspension bushings and back tires pointed like this \  / 

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genuinely wondering too - Subarus are pretty easy to drive around with broken sway bar links in the snow. Seen multiple this winter and I said “I’ll fix it when it warms up” or ignored it. Id never do that if I thought it was possibly dangerous. Never noticed a difference or heard anyone say they did locally either.

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