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I have a 98 and a 99 Legacy both with the  EJ22, I mixed up the parts from both and had a hell of a time trying to put the 98 timing belt on the 99. I now know that 90-98 2.2 and 1.8 used the same belt with 211 teeth.99-up SOHC 2.5 used a longer belt IIRC. with 223 teeth.  SInce I mixed up all the idlers, and the tensioer I am now wondering if I can mix and match them?   Thanks again for everyones help, it is much appreciated.

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Idlers and tensioners are interchangeable.......mostly......


the lower smooth roller on the 99 should be the type with the lip on the back.


The upper smooth should be the same for both, as well as the lower cogged idler.

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