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Hey guys,


I'd like to put a junkyard (run tested of course) EJ251 into my 95 legacy wagon.  Not a full swap, just the long block.  From what I've gathered in my reading today, I'm of the understanding that as long as I use the 22's intake, peripherals, cam (if the pickups are different) and crank gears, it's just plug and play.  Is there anything I missed?  Will the 95 ECM provide the change in maps and such to run the newer heads efficiently?  Will I get CEL's for any reason?  Do I need to uprade my clutch or flywheel to compensate?   Things like that are what I need to know, and the only thing keeping me from mashing the "Place Order" button.

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8 hours ago, punx2400 said:

 I use the 22's intake, 

Nope, like he just said the EJ22 intake doesn't bolt to the 251.  Whatever you read or heard is wrong or you misread it.  Go check it again. 

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14 hours ago, punx2400 said:

aaand we're back to the topic of either going frankenmotor, or doing a full swap.  Got it.  Thanks again! 

Complete 25D with 251 pistons and 04-07 STi head gaskets (642's or 770's). We do them all the time. 


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