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70’s part n stuff of mine

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In case you’re not aware I’m cleaning out massive amounts of parts and stuff from New Old Stock to great used hard to find parts. 

These days I’m sadly on face buke , but if you haven’t done that yet I commend you. But seriously it was easier to post there so that’s why I’ve stuck with it for now.

The main three sites I go on for Vintage Subaru activity are:

Classic 4x140 

Old School Subaru Group

and of course the Ultimate Subaru Cult - lol - sorry for that.

The latest edition of this board is much better. Just have to shrink my photos for this board. So I’ll be posting here as I can. But to save time please see if you can check out my goods over on FB (gag).

Best part about this board for us is that I’ll use the messenger here. But NOT face buke’s And you can always email me at moosens@yahoo.com

Enjoy summer !


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